Monday, April 20, 2009

The Navy SEAL Experience

I was recently made aware of some cool photos and videos from the National Team day with the Navy SEALs in San Diego. Here are some videos I think you'll enjoy!




I hope you now have more of an idea of what the Navy SEAL day consisted of and why much I LOVED it!!!


ShinLing said...

Hi Garrett... Nice video!!!! Thank you. It become my routine to read ur blog daily... :D

Katherine said...

loved the last one, that was awesome!!!

Isa said...

I liked the third video because we can see that you were all trying to do the best you could and that is really great.

I don´t know if I could do something like that...:)

Anonymous said...

Is that Peirsol riding the rolling log in the third video? YOWCH! Now I understand why some coaches were all up in arms about you guys doing the Seals training camp. Nuts!

Romans 16:1 said...

oh snap the last video was INSAYYYNE!! haha michael... i dont think he cud actually fit under that log?!?! and now i understand what you meant by lying down in the water. i just get shivers thinking about it!!

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