Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Tough Question

I'm currently sitting in the Denver airport on my way to Colorado Springs. I'm going as one of two athletes who will sit on the USA Swimming Senior Development Board that decides various issues relating to swimmers, meets, suits, time standards etc. There is a bunch of snow here and supposedly more in the Springs. Geeeeezzzz I love snow!

New York was fabulous. I will write a longer post on that in the next day or so but there is one thing I must share with you now.

An older gentleman came up to me at the Sullivan Awards banquet and talked to me about my swimming, the Olympics, and my interest in food. At the conclusion of the conversation he looked at me and simply asked me this question, "if you could pick one word to describe what went through your mind and how you felt when you won that 400 Free Relay what would it be?" I was completely and utterly speechless. I really had no idea what to think or say. There wasn't/isn't one word to describe it. There was/is a plethora of words to describe that....maybe not even enough words??? I thought about it for a minute or two while I signed some things for some people. I finally looked at him and responded.

What would you have said to a question like that? How do I begin to sort through and make a decision?

The answer will come soon.


Ty said...

Thats a very tough question. What do you say when you witness something that was kind of like a miracle? So many people get emotional about that race. I get chills watching it. Maybe it's because everyone watching, swimming and judging were all trapped in a history 'bubble' a moment that lasts very briefly, but all the magic of that moment stays with you, and you want to see it again.

anni Ü said...

I definately get chills watching the relay as well.... It is so inspirational to me- when I'm at practice and I think there is absoloutely no way I can finish a particular set, I think "what if Jason lezakand all those Olympians had given up when they saw that they were behind? Would that have won the race? NO!!!!" and that keeps me going for the rest of practice. I think the only ONE word that could be right would be 'undescribable'(or is it 'indescribable???:)) well this probably wasn't a very helpful answer:P but that's all I've got!

BMcCurdy said...


Donna Binkholder said...

That is definitely a very tough question to answer. I always dream big about being at the Olympic games or at a professional Track and Field meet someday and have some one ask me that. It hasn't happened yet, but I know for one I'd be speechless, like in a trance like state and I'd have to try to think about it because tons of emotions and it's all so electrifying and intense compacted with a raw hint of uncertainty. Another part of you is all dazed and confused and just more mystified than anything. In situations like that most of the time it's an indescribable feeling the ultimate sense of accomplishment and self-pride. It's the rush that the crowd gives you too because you showed them what you've got and you've got them pumped, it's all exhilarating. Also, there's so much to absorb you just have to think about it for awhile and once it hits you then you see the whole spectrum in a new light. I literally am amped up watching Olympians compete against the other competitors of other countries. It's like I am there watching the makes my "blood rush". You are so awesome and what you do it's ridiculous in a good way..I mean you are soooo positive and have had tons of lessons learned. Everything you have said and done is sooo inspirational to millions of fans and myself as well. After each race write down one word off the top of your head that you are feeling at the time when you accomplish the unthinkable and just keep doing that so it will won't be so stumping to can't think of a proper word. Don't know if I have been of an assistance with this, but I hope I have helped.

Anonymous said...

The word is epic. What happened during that race was epic.

BMcCurdy said...

I would like to recant my vote for awesome, and vote for epic, that was a race for the ages.

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