Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fourth Day of Swimming

Wow...Today was my fourth day back in the water. Needless to say I almost forgot how boring training can be:( I am not in shape to train with the team yet considering I took two months off, so I am swimming by myself in the diving well. Training by yourself is lonely and tedious.

I did have a good set today though. I swam ten 200 freestyles on 2:30 and averaged between 2:03 and 2:05. Even though these are not that great of times in general, I was satisfied with my current fitness after taking such an extended break. At the end of the set I could tell that my arms were really starting to break down and get fatigued. I literally kicked the kick into high gear and tried to motor home. The great thing about swimming and working out in general, is that I always know it will get better. The harder I work, the more in-shape I become. The fitter I am, the less training and racing hurts. Although training is very strenuous on my mind and body, it's what puts me in a position to swim fast and achieve my goals at the end of the year.

I will keep ya'll updated with my swimming as the season goes on.

Luckily I stayed in the weight-room while I was on my break. The most important thing for me to do in order to get faster is to get stronger. The weight training I did in my time out of the water will help me lay the foundation for building greater strength throughout the course of this next season. Plus, I am not super sore right now which is always a huge positive!


JK said...

Hi Garrett, blog is just great. It's always good to read something interesting written by swimmer himself. Congrats on Your Olympic achievements :) What was the case of not getting into finals of 50 and 100m freestyle races? I was afraid it will be pretty hard to keep up that momentum from Omaha trials :( Anyway 2 gold medals is a result you can only dream about. Freestyle relay performance was just stunning. Ah, is there any possibility to get UT swimming cap not being part of the team? As a souvenir lets say? Keep it up :D

Jack, Poland

Garrett said...

I'm glad you like reading my blog. The Olympics was truly the best experience of my life! Look for future blogs to have more in-depth perspective about my individual races in Beijing. As for the cap, you will need to enter the recipe contest...and win for one of those.

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