Monday, October 13, 2008

Recipe Contest Winners!

This little guy's name is Kevin, he's 12. Kevin is the first winner in the Kid Recipe category of our contest on I'm very excited about this contest because it will help us all share and learn recipes that taste good and are good for you! Remember, these recipes are meant to be quick, easy and flavorful. Y'all need to check out Kevin's recipe, he obviously understands what quick, easy, and flavorful means!

The winner in the Adult Recipe category is a woman from Milwaukee named Angele!


Rosie said...

Glad to see you sharing your love of cooking with everyone, especially the kids! I can't wait to try these new recipes and cook a few more of yours as well.

Garrett said...

A huge joy of cooking comes from sharing either my food or my knowledge with others. I want to get everyone involved so we can all learn from each other...

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