Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend of Contrasts

Kayaking down a scenic river on a stunningly beautiful day as fall sweeps across Wisconsin. Fish, turtles, muskrat, cranes, wood ducks...too much to see.

Taking about Beijing, smiling for photos, signing autographs, all to help raise money to find a cure for arthritis. So many people need help. This annual ball in Milwaukee helps support a kids' camp. It's a great cause.


Sarah said...

See this is what is so great to see-it would be so easy for you as a 23 year old to get wrapped up in yourself but getting out and using your success to help worthy causes-even the dinner where some of the proceeds went to American Heart Association-its really nice to see because honestly I'm not sure how much of that actually goes on in todays world. You're doing great things, and being a great ambassador. Keep it up. You're continuing to make the USA really proud that you represented us in one of the greatest events in history.

Garrett said...

I'm so happy I can make my supporters proud. I love going to benefits and telling my story to people!

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